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Real name: Min Yoon Gi 민윤기
Birthday: March 9, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Place of birth: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Blood type: O
Personality type (MBTI): INTP (creative people who believe in the power of knowledge)
Suga’s Spotify account: Suga’s Hip-Hop Replay
Twitter: @bts_twt

Interesting facts about Suga (Agust D)

1) Suga was born in Daegu, South Korea. 
2) Suga’s family: father, mother, and older brother.
3) Education: Global Cyber University-Humanities (Bachelor’s degree).
4) Suga got his stage name from the CEO because Yoongi has pale skin and a sweet smile (like sugar).
5) Suga is responsible for fixing and repairing breakdowns from RM. He changes light bulbs, fixes the toilet, and so on.
6) BTS members often call him grandpa because Yoongi sleeps constantly and can be quite moody. 

7) Suga is usually the kind of person who scolds and constantly nags BTS members younger than him or trainee if they make a mistake. 
8) Suga’s nicknames are: Motionless Min, because if Yoongi has free days, he doesn’t do anything; Mr. Appendix, because he had his appendix cut out in December 2013.
9) Suga decided to become a rapper after hearing Epik High “Fly”.
10) Patterns of behavior for Suga: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne and Hit Boy.
11) Yoongi was an underground rapper and was in a band called D-Town.

rap suga bts kpop photo dtown

12) When he was an underground rapper, he was known as Gloss because it’s the English translation of Yoongi.
13) Suga started writing music and lyrics when he was 13 years old.
14) Yoongi has a driver’s license.
15) Suga loves basketball. When Yoongi was a trainee, he played basketball every Sunday.
16) Suga thought he would grow up to 180 cm, but remained the same as in high school (Ask Us Anything ep. 94).

17) Yoongi likes to sleep.
18) Suga is not particularly good at English and Japanese.
19) Suga: “I got my stage name because my skin is pale and when I smile, I look cute. I’m sweet (laughs). I chose this name because I want a sweet promotion.”
20) Suga is very straightforward.
21) When Yoongi was young, he wanted to become an architect.

suga bts kid childhood photo cute

22) In a blog post in 2013, he said that he would like to become a DJ on a radio show.
23) Yoongi’s hobbies include reading comics, basketball, computer games, and photography.
24) Suga’s motto is: “Let’s live with pleasure. Making music as a hobby and doing it as a job are two different things”.
25) Suga composes songs all the time. Everywhere: when he is in the waiting room, car, toilet…
26) Suga wrote the song “촣아요 (Like It)” in 40 minutes.

27) Yoongi also writes songs for other artists. So Suga created the song “Wine” for Suran, which ranked high in the charts, and online sales – more than 500,000.
28) Suga uses the pseudonym Agust D for his solo works (“DT”, short for his birthplace “Daegu Town”, and “Suga”, spelled the other way around).
29) Yoongi wrote the lyrics and music for the mixtape Agust D, which later received well-deserved attention.
30) Suga knows how to play the piano.
31) When Yoongi has any problems, he talks about them with Rap Monster, as the age difference between them is small and they have a lot of common topics.

Suga bts kpop agustd

32) Suga grew up in a poor family. In an interview, he said: “After our debut, I went back to the dorm and sat there and stared at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe myself. That me, a guy from a poor family in Daegu, capable of all this”.
33) Suga was involved in a car accident while delivering food on a bicycle, where he injured his shoulder (Burn The Stage ep. 3).
34) Suga’s favorite food: meat, meat, and meat.
35) Yoongi begins to speak with an accent when he is nervous or crying.
36) Suga believes that his charm lies in the ability to “smile with his eyes”.

37) When Yoongi was asked to steal from other BTS members, he replied that he would steal something that money can’t buy – Jungkook’s age.
38) Perfect date for Suga: “For me, it’s just a normal date…… I want to watch a movie, take a walk, eat together”.
39) All BTS members chose Suga as the sweetest member of the Fandom School Interview.
40) Suga and J-Hope are extremely bad at drawing.
41) When Yoongi was asked during the interview which BTS member he would take to a desert island for 3 years, he replied that it was Jimin.
Suga: “Jimin. To manage there. (LOL) Just kidding. I don’t talk much, I’m not a fun type, but Jimin is a nice and mature guy for his age, so I think everything would be super”.
42) BTS members nicknamed him Motionless Min because Yoongi doesn’t do anything in his spare time.

Suga bts kpop sleep

43) Yoongi got a driver’s license (BTS Run ep. 18)
44) Suga would date Jin if he was a girl. 
45) Yoongi’s favorite color is white.
46) Suga’s favorite number is 3.
47) Suga likes to take pictures.

48) Suga has a dog, Holly, that he absolutely adores.
49) Yoongi’s favorite weather is when you can wear short-sleeve clothing during the day and long-sleeve clothing at night. 
50) Yoongi likes to create rhythms for everyday situations.
51) Yoongi’s habits: biting his nails.
52) 3 things Yoongi likes: sleeping, quiet places, and places without people.

sleep bts suga agustd

53) 3 things Yoongi doesn’t like: dancing, noisy places, places with a crowd around.
54) BTS member rating that Suga wrote: Jin = Suga > Rap Monster > J-Hope > Jungkook > V “””””””””” Jimin. 
55) Yoongi thinks he looks like a 50 out of 100 BTS rating: “The truth is, when I see myself, I think I’m ugly”.
56) Suga and Kihyun (Monsta X) are close friends.
57) In the old dorm, Suga shared a room with Jin.
58) In the new dorm, Yoongi has his own room (180327: BTS’ JHOPE & JIMIN – MORE MAGAZINE MAY ISSUE).

BTS members about Suga

1) Jin: “He’s very attached to his bed. He knows a lot of things and is ready to help others understand their knowledge. I’m fascinated by how he gets all this knowledge.”
2) J-Hope: “He’s cool. He is a strong personality with his own opinions. Suga is pretending like he doesn’t care what he does. As if everything is on the drum, but very careful and caring. Such a personality! Ah!! That person who shows only his strong side”.
3) V: “Yoongi knows a lot. He’s pretty cool on stage. Cool and awesome. And not at all sluggish!”
4) Jungkook: “He’s like a grandfather, but his passion for music is unimaginable. Suga is very smart. But he’s still a grandfather”.
5) Rap Monster: “Yoongi lingers on some things more than he should. When I got to know him, I realized that Suga was very timid. He knows so much different information… grandfather. Although he looks cool… No, no… Yoongi wants to be loved. He loves music. Very stubborn. Saying what he wants directly is Yoongi’s style”.

kpop bts rap monster suga

6) Jimin: “Yoongi can say a lot of things to your face. And he’s not shy about it. Although, in my opinion, he wants all the BTS members to love him”.

Ideal type of Suga’s girlfriend

Girl, who loves music, especially hip-hop. He says he doesn’t care about looks. Yoongi also wants a girl who is active when he wants to, and calm when he needs to. The girl who would always be on his side.

Suga’s photos

Before the debut

Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo Before the debut


Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo 2 cool 4 school


Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo 2014


Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1 florescence


Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo wings


Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo never walk alone


Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo love yourself tear version r


Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo map of the soul persona version 4


BTS BE DELUXE EDITION Min Yoongi bts suga agust d kpop korea photo

Suga (Agust D) albums

BTS albums

Suga (Agust D) albums

Movies and dramas with Suga (Agust D)

Korean shows

[2014] show Music Bank (mc / episode 741)

show Music Bank korea suga bts mc

Music videos

[2012] Jo Kwon – I’m Da One (Extra)

[2016] Agust D – Agust D

agust d 2016 клип фото шуга

[2016] Agust D – Give It to Me

[2020] Agust D – Daechwita 대취타

photo Agust D Daechwita kpop suga bts korea

Trailers / Short meter

[2015] animation Suga (BTS) – Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life

suga bts Intro The Most Beautiful Moment in Life kpop korea

[2016] Suga (BTS) – First Love #4

[2020] trailer Suga (BTS) – Interlude: Shadow

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