Park Bom (박봄) is a South Korean solo singer of the D-Nation Entertainment label, a former member of the group 2NE1 (YG Entertainment). She left YG Entertainment in November 2016. Park Bom officially debuted as a solo singer on October 28, 2009 with the single “You and I”.

Official fandom of Park Bom: Bomshells (Shell = protective outer coating, as a shield that protects and keeps the Bom safe)
The official fan colors of Park Bom: –

Stage name: Park Bom (박봄), Bom (2NE1)
Real name: Park Bom (박봄)
Nicknames: Bbang Bom, Jenny Park, Bommie
Position in the group 2NE1: main vocalist
Birthday: march 24, 1984
Zodiac: aries
Place of birth: Seoul, South korea
Blood type: AB
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Special skills: singing, dancing, playing the piano, flute, cello
Colors: green, pink, red
Languages: korean, english
Accessories: makeup, short dresses
Bom was influenced by: Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera
Religion: Christianity
Twitter: @haroobomkum
Instagram: @newharoobompark
Vlive: 박봄(Park Bom)
Weibo: newharoobompark
TikTok: @officialparkbom

Interesting facts about Park Bom:
1) Park Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea.
2) Park Bom’s family: parents, older sister (also a star in music).
3) Park Bom has an older sister, Park Goeun, who is a star cello player.
4) Education Park Bom: Berklee College of Music, Lesley University (Psychology), Gould Academy.
5) Nicknames of Park Bom: Bbang Bom, Jenny Park, Bommie.

6) Park Bom speaks korean, english and japanese.
7) Bom was on a “Salad diet” to lose weight.
8) Park Bom became interested in music when she was in high school, but her parents did not support daughter’s dreams. She moved in the sixth grade to study in the United States. There, her aunt, unbeknownst to Bom’s parents, helped her transfer to a music academy.
9) Park Bom was a sleepwalker. 
10) Bom was once rejected by the SM agency.

Park Bom 2ne1 kpop biography facts personal life boyfriend

11) The YG agency rejected Park Bom for three years. 
12) Bom is the youngest in the family.
13) Park Bom is shy, mysterious and sensitive. 
14) Park Bom was unable to attend her aunt’s funeral because she was just a trainee at the time (2NE1 TV).
15) In 2006, Park Bom returned to South Korea, where she auditioned for YG Entertainment three times before finally being accepted. She also auditioned unsuccessfully for SM Entertainment.

16) Bom has a type 4D personality.
17) Among the members of 2NE1, Park Bom had the most fans in the official fandom.
18) Bom has 2 dogs Choco and Danchoo.
19) Park Bom went on indefinite leave in 2014 in connection with a very controversial “drug scandal”, which became known to the public. The incident was investigated by the korean police after Park Bom received a package containing 80 amphetamine tablets. The package was sent to her from the US by family members, but was stopped at customs at Incheon International Airport. The drug was banned in South Korea, but is legal in the United States.
20) Park Bom was not prosecuted because it was stated that the pills were purchased for medical reasons. The public took the news negatively, accusing Park Bom of abusing her celebrity status.

Park Bom 2ne1 kpop biography facts personal life

21) She was the main vocalist of the female kpop group 2NE1, whose albums were among the best-selling from the group’s 2009 inception date until their disbanding in 2016. Despite everything, Park Bom participated in the performance of 2NE1’s latest song, “Goodbye”, which was released on January 21, 2017.
22) Park Bom was the most popular member of 2NE1 (according to data in South Korea).
23) Bom likes makeup and short dresses.
24) Park Bom often wears false nails.
25) Bom likes designer Alexander McQueen’s brand. After his death, McQueen’s family gave their official permission for Park Bom to wear the designer’s latest creation.

26) Park Bom was influenced by the work of Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce.
27) Bom’s favorite colors are pink, green, and red.
28) Park Bom has been playing football for 4 years.
29) When she was playing soccer, she witnessed the death of her teammate on the field. Park Bom was traumatized and depressed.
30) Special talents of Bom: singing (unique voice), dancing, playing the flute, piano and cello.

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31) Park Bom’s personality: modest, secretive, sensitive 4D.
32) Bom has worked with a large number of groups and idols, such as Big Bang, G-Dragon, T. O. P, Epik High, Lexy, Red Roc, Lee Hyori, Lee Joon Gi, Park Myung Soo and Sandara Park.
33) Religion of Park Bom: Christianity.
34) Bom has a scuba diver’s license.
35) She admitted that she once went on a “salad diet” to lose weight. According to Park Bom, she doesn’t gain fat on her legs.

36) She has a Moomin doll named Poon Poon.
37) According to rumors, the song Click Five – “Jenny” was written specifically about Bom.
38) Park Bom drinks a lot of water to keep her skin flawless.
39) Bom was a contestant on the show “The Roommate”. The mist she used in the show was sold out after fans saw Park Bom using it.
40) On July 20, 2018, it was reported that Bom has signed a contract with the newly formed agency D-Nation Entertainment and that she will have a solo comeback with a debut mini-album.

Park Bom 2ne1 kpop biography facts

41) Park Bom was supposed to debut as a solo artist in 2007 – 2008 with the song “Scarecrow”, which was given to her by JYP, but she eventually joined the group 2NE1. The song also got to Lee Hi, which she released in 2012. Bom spoke about this situation in vlive and Queendom. She performed “Scarecrow” along with Hyojung from Oh My Girl on stage Queendom.
42) Bohm collaborated with MC Mong for the song Chanel , and also released her own song “Wanna Go back”.
43) Park Bom took 6th place in the final episode of Queendom.

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Park Bom albums (discography)

[2009.10.28] You And I (single)

[2011.04.21] DON’T CRY (single)

[2019.03.14] Spring (single)

[2019.05.02] re : BLUE ROSE (Repackage, single)

[2019.07.01] Perfume OST Part 8 퍼퓸 (single)

[2019.12.10] Cheotnun 첫눈; First Snow (single)

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