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Stage name: RM, Rap Monster 랩몬스터
Real name: Kim Nam Joon 김남준
Birthday: September 12, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Blood type: A
Personality type (MBTI): ENFP (natural psychologists, empathetic, friendly)
Spotify RM: RM’s Heavy Rotations
Twitter: @bts_twt

BTS albums

Korean discography

Namjoon mixtapes (BTS)

[20.03.2015] mixtape RM

[23.10.2018] mixtape Mono

Music video Forever rain

Digital singles RM (BTS)

[22.12.2012] single Rap Monster

[23.01.2013] single Dagtu / You (닥투)

[28.01.2013] single Favorite Girl

[02.02.2013] single Like A Star (with Jungkook)

[13.03.2013] single Eoleun Ai / Adult Child (어른아이) (with SUGA & Jin)

[21.09.2013] single Something

[21.11.2013] single Too Much

[17.01.2014] single Monterlude

[20.05.2014] single Unpack Your Bags (with DJ Soulscape)

[05.03.2015] single P.D.D (Rap Monster x Warren G)

[04.08.2015] single Fantastic (feat. Mandy Ventrice)

[29.12.2015] single Fools (with Jungkook)

[01.06.2016] single I Know 알아요 (with Jungkook)

[01.01.2017] single Always

[09.06.2017] single 4 O’CLOCK 네시 (with Taehyung)

[11.06.2018] single Ddaeng 땡 (with SUGA and J-HOPE)

Namjoon’s (BTS) collaborations with other artists

[19.03.2015] single MFBTY – WondaLand feat. EE, Rap Monster (BTS), Dino-J

[09.04.2015] single Primary – “2-1” (#3 “U feat. Kwon Jin Ah and Rap Monster)

[02.08.2015] single Primary – 2 (#12 U feat. Kwon Jin Ah and Rap Monster)

[05.04.2017] single Gaeko – Gajah feat. Rap Monster

[14.11.2018] single Tiger JK – Drunken Tiger X: Rebirth of Tiger JK (#15 Timeless feat. RM)

[27.03.2019] single Honne – Crying Over You (feat. RM and BEKA)

[06.01.2020] single Younha – UNSTABLE MINDSET (#1 WINTER FLOWER (feat. RM))

[22.05.2020] single Agust D – D-2 (#4 Strange feat. RM)

Namjoon International Discography (BTS)

RM Digital Singles (BTS)

[24.07.2019] single Lil Nas X – Old Town Road feat RM (BTS) Seoul Town Road Remix

Namjoon’s (BTS) collaborations with other artists

[15.12.2017] single Fall Out Boy – Champion Remix (feat. RM, BTS)

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