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Minzy is a solo artist on the Music Works label, a subsidiary of CJ E&M. Minzy is a former member of kpop group 2NE1. She debuted as a solo artist on April 16, 2017 with the song “NINANO”.

Minzy’s official fandom: POS

Stage name: Minzy
Real name: Gong Minji (공민지)
Position in 2NE1: lead dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper, maknae
Birthday: january 8, 1994
Zodiac: capricorn
Place of birth: Gwangju, South korea
Blood type: O
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Talents: dance, rap
Colors: orange, pink
Languages: chinese, japanese, english
Minzy was influenced by: Michael Jackson
Accessories: camera
Religion: christianity (catholicism)
Twitter: @mingkki21
Instagram: @_minzy_mz

Interesting facts about Minzy:
1) Minzy was born in Seoul, South Korea. However, she and her family later moved to Gwangju.
2) The Minzy’s father has surname Lee, and the mother’s surname before the wedding is Gong.
3) Gong Minji won several dance awards during her debut, and she participated in many dance competitions.
4) The agents became interested in Minzy when someone uploaded a video of her dance audition to the Internet. 
5) Gong Minji is the granddaughter of the famous traditional dancer Gong Ok Jin.

6) Gong Minji attended the same Millyohrae Joy Dance Academy & Plug-in Music Academy as Hara (KARA), Seungri (Big Bang) and Yunho (DBSK).
7) Minzy joined YG Entertainment when she was in the 6th grade.
8) Minzy was a trainee for 5 years before becoming a member of 2NE1.
9) Gong Minji likes photography and wants to become a professional photographer. 
10) Minzy has a Gundam collection.
11) Gong Minji is a fan of the american band Black Eyed Peas.

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12) Gong Minji debuted with 2NE1 in 2009.
13) Minzy participated in season 2 of the KBS 2TV show “Sister’s Slam Dunk”.
14) Minzy knows how to knit.
15) Gong Minji hates horror movies.
16) Minzy listens to reggaeton all the time, but she likes all genres of music.

17) Minzy’s favorite color: purple.
18) Gong Minji’s religion: Christianity.
19) Minzy talked about her mental health (Billboard data).
20) Gong Minji revealed that she developed depression when she was 16-17 years old during the debut of 2NE1.
21) Minzy speaks Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Minzy 2NE1 kpop biography facts personal life albums

22) YGE made an official announcement that Minzy is leaving 2NE1 on April 5th: “We are sorry to break the bad news to 2NE1 fans who have been waiting for so long. We officially announce that 2NE1’s maknae, Minzy, is no longer part of the 2NE1 group”.
23) Gong Minji left 2NE1 on April 6, 2016.
24) Minzy became a solo artist.
25) Minzy also participated in the show and the band “Unnies Slam Dunk 2″.
26) The name of Minzy’s official fanclub is POS (“light” in Greek).

27) In 2017, Minzy participated in the show “King of Masked Singer” as “A Richly-toned Perilla Leaf Girl”.
28) Minzy is close to Jeon Somi.

Minzy’s ideal type

when someone asked about her ideal type, Minzy replies that she likes older men.

Minzy albums (discography)

Korean discography

[20.11.2009] Please Don’t Go (CL & Minzy, digital single)

[17.04.2017] MINZY WORK 01. UNO (mini album)

[May 2020] Lovely

English discography

[30.11.2018] ALL OF YOU SAY

Movies and shows with Minzy

[2017] Unnie’s Slam Dunk 
[02.04.2017] MBC King of Masked Singer
[17.04.2017] Hello Counselor

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