BTS BE DELUXE EDITION джей хоуп хосок фотография jhope

Real name: Jung Ho Seok 정호석
Stage name: J-Hope / 제이이 (group BTS)
Birthday: February 18, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Place of birth: Gwangju, South Korea
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood type: A
Personality type (MBTI): ESFJ (excellent specialists in process and people management)
J-Hope’s Spotify Account: J-Hope’s Jam
Twitter аккаунт: @bts_twt

Interesting facts about J-Hope

1) J-Hope was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
2) J-Hope’s family: mother, father, and older sister.
3) Education: Gwangju Global High School; Global Cyber University.
4) Before his debut, Hoseok hated doing aegyo, but then he changed his mind.
5) J-Hope and Zelo (B.A.P) studied at the same rap and dance academy in Gwangju. 

6) Before his debut, J-Hope was a member of the street dance group NEURON.
7) Hoseok won an underground dance battle and even performed at the festival.
8) Hoseok originally auditioned for JYP Entertainment along with Yoo Young Jae (B.A.P) and Dino (Halo).
9) J-Hope’s favorite color is green.
10) J-Hope named his dog Mickey.

kpop jhope bts dog Mickey

11) Hoseok hates exercise.
12) J-Hope was a professional tennis player in elementary school, participated in competitions. Once he even won a bronze medal, knocking out 3 competitors from the competition (150705 J-Hope`s Q&A from Inkigayo goodbye stage mini fan meeting).
13) J-Hope and Suga are extremely bad at drawing. 
14) Hoseok loves melodramas and remembers watching quite a lot of DVDs when he was young, because his father also loved such movies.
15) For J-Hope, the role model was A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Beenzino, G-Dragon (G.D).

16) J-Hope attended the Academy of dance Seungri (BigBang).
17) Hoseok got his driver’s license (BTS Run ep. 18)
18) J-Hope’s motto is “If you don’t work hard, you’ll never get results”.
19) Hoseok likes to visit fancafe, when he has free time. He wants to know the fans’ opinion.
20) When J-Hope has problems, he shares them with Rap Monster or Suga

Rap Monster Suga jhope bts kpop

21) When Hoseok was younger, he was quite famous in the Gwangju dance underground.
22) J-Hope likes to have someone stroke his hair, says it helps him sleep, a habit he’s had since childhood. When Hoseok was little, his mother always petted him gently before going to bed.
23) Things that J-Hope would like to steal from BTS members: Jimin’s chocolate abs, rap abilities, and Rap Monster’s cool English Rap.
24) Perfect date for J-Hope: “I love the sea, so I would like to walk along the shore holding hands (laughs)”.
25) 3 essential things for J-Hope’s happiness: family, health and love [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK].
26) In the dorm, he shared a room with Jimin (BTS ‘ jhope & jimin-more Magazine may come out in 2018).
27) J-Hope was featured in Drake’s “In My Feelings” music video.
28) In March 2018, J-Hope released his first mixtape, “Hope World”, with the title track “Daydream”.

The other members of BTS about J-Hope

1) Jimin’s first impression of J-Hope: “The first person I met from BTS was J-Hope. Hoseok was a very friendly “Sorry, Jimin..” so I immediately remembered J-Hope”.
2) Jimin about J-Hope: “J-Hope is a bright guy who laughs a lot, hopes a lot and believes in a lot, as it should be by his name J-Hope. Hoseok has a positive energy that charges other people, so I think J-hope is awesome. And people think that he is always sweet and innocent, but under the mask of a smiling face can hide the devil. J-hope often makes fun of me without stopping to smile, so I can’t push away a person who looks so happy. One day, while I was sleeping, Hoseok suddenly woke me up by shouting “Jimin, wake up and play with me!!!!” I woke up, but as soon as I opened my eyes, Hoseok grinned at me and went to sleep as if nothing had happened. I thought “Ahhh, I can never answer him because he’s older!”. One time, J-Hope said he was going to give me a massage and started putting a lot of pressure on the back of my head. He tightened my neck muscles more and more! And he was smiling. I was upset at the end, but he didn’t stop. He massaged harder and harder, saying it would relax the muscles. When I was sitting in the rehearsal room during a break, Hoseok locked me in there. He slapped me on the back and walked out of the room, and I looked at him with a serious expression on my face. J-Hope timidly returned to the room a few seconds later, hugged me and said “Jimin! Are you upset with me? Are you upset?? You’re not upset, are you??” With a smile, he left the room. What was I supposed to do with it?(laughs)”.
3) Rap Monster: “There’s something that J-Hope says to each of us when we make a comeback or finish a promotion. Hoseok says that we have to do our job to the fullest, responding to the love of the fans.”
4) Suga: “I’m not really an expert at explaining my feelings in words, but Jimin and J-Hope can do it. I envy them.”

jhope jimin bts kpop

Ideal type of J-Hope’s girlfriend

someone who loves it, cooks well and thinks about a lot of things. 

J-Hope’s photos

Before the debut

jhope bts kpop korea photo Before the debut


jhope bts kpop korea photo album 2 cool 4 school 2013
Album BTS – 2 cool 4 skool, J-Hope


jhope bts kpop korea photo 2014
Album BTS – Dark & Wild, J-Hope


jhope bts kpop korea photo album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt,1 2015
Album BTS – The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1 (Florescence), J-hope


jhope bts kpop korea photo album  wings 2016
Album BTS – Wings, Hoseok


jhope bts kpop korea photo album  never walk alone
Album BTS – You never walk alone, Hoseok


jhope bts kpop korea photo album love yourself tear version r
Album BTS – Love Yourself 轉 Tear (version R), J-hope


jhope bts kpop korea photo album map of the soul persona version 4
Album BTS – Map of the Soul: Persona (Ver 4), J-Hope


BTS BE DELUXE EDITION jhope bts kpop korea photo album

J-Hope albums (BTS)

BTS albums

J-Hope (Hoseok) albums

Movies and dramas with J-Hope (BTS)

Korean shows with J-Hope

[2014] show “100 Choice, Best Ramyun” (guest, episode 6)

jhope bts kpop korean show 100 Choice, Best Ramyun hoseok

[2015] show “My Pet Clinic” (guest, episode 6)

photo jhope bts korean show My Pet Clinic
J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung

[2016] show “Star King” (guest, episodes 433, 447)

photo jhope bts kpop korean show Star King
Hoseok, V

[2016] show “Same Bed, Different Dreams” (guest, episode 46)

photo korean show jhope bts kpop Same Bed, Different Dreams

[2016] show “Inkigayo” (mc, episode 869)

photo korean show bts Inkigayo v jhope
J-Hope, Taehyung

[2016] show “God’s Workplace” (guest, pilot episode)

photo bts jhope jimin God's Workplace
Jimin, Hoseok

[2016] show “Show! Music Core” (mc, episod 526)

photo bts jhope Show! Music Core  jungkook korea
Jungkook, J-Hope

[2017] show “Top 3 Chef King” (guest, episode 68)

photo Top 3 Chef King jin jhope bts korea
Hoseok, Jin

[2017] show “M Countdown” (mc, episode 543)

photo korean show M Countdown bts rm jimin jhope
Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope

[2018] japanese show “PON!” (guest, february 7)

japanese show PON! bts jimin jhope
Jimin, J-Hope

[2018] japanese show “Tuesday Surprise” (guest, february 13)

photo japanese show Tuesday Surprise bts jimin jhope
Jimin, J-Hope

[2018] japanese show “ZIP!” (guest, february 21)

Джей Хоуп, Чимин

[2019] show “Under Nineteen” (guest, february 10)

Music videos with J-Hope

[2012] mv Jo Kwon – I’m Da One (Hoseok is a member of the dance team)

[2018] mv Drake – In My Feelings (cameo)

[2018] mv J-hope – Daydream

[2018] mv J-hope – Airplane

Trailers, short meter with J-hope (BTS)

[2016] mv J-hope – Boy Meets Evil

[2016] mv J-hope – MAMA

Kpop products (J-Hope, BTS)