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Album Genesis of 2PM is the third Japanese studio album (sixth album overall) by South Korean band 2PM. It was released on January 29, 2014 as their first album under Sony Music Japan’s Epic Records Japan label in three editions: regular edition (CD), limited edition A (CD + DVD), limited edition B (CD + CD).

Description GENESIS OF 2PM

Group: 2PM
Country: Japan
Language: japanese
Release date: 29.01.2014

There are 9 new tracks in this Japanese studio album. Tracks from albums Give Me Love and Winter Games are also included on this album. The album debuted at number one on the Oricon weekly chart.

Track list of the album GENESIS OF 2PM

03. Merry-go-round
04. Winter Games
05. 永遠~Lasting heart~
06. Step by Step
07. Falling in love
09. Only Girl
10. I want you
11. Stay Here
12. NEXT Generation
13. Beautiful Day

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2PM (투피엠) consists of 6 participants: Jun. K (formerly Junsu), Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung. The former leader of the band 2PM, Jay Park, left the group in 2010. JYPE trainees were members of the survival show “Hot Blood Men“, after which a group of 11 members of “One Day” was formed, ready for their debut. Later, the group was split into two: 2PM and 2AM. 2PM debuted on September 4, 2008 (JYP Entertainment label).

Fanclub 2PM: Hottest
Official 2PM fan colors: metallic grey

2PM is the only male group of JYP Entertainment to perform on stage for almost a decade (until recently, they were the second group in the agency as a whole after Wonder Girls, who disbanded in 2017); they also became the only one of One Day to renew their contracts with JYP almost in full (all members of 2AM left for different agencies; Taecyeon decided not to renew the contract, but, nevertheless, will continue to advance as a group).